A New Generation of Latin Arts Steps to the Stage

The origin of the word “art” can be traced back to the old English “thou art” which means “you are”. Again, art as in “fine arts” owes its root to the Latin “ars” or “artis”. However, in comparison to the dual meanings in which we may express the word, the second meaning has remained unchanged with the process of time. The word “culture” however originated from the Latin language. It said to have a Latin base “colere” which means to inhabit, to cultivate, or to honor. Broadly it can be said to be a human activity carrying several meanings and definitions.

The two distinct words “art and culture” if linked with each other, it exhibits two distinct concepts

  • Art may be a product of the extensive culture (cultivation) of human sentiments.
  • Culture of different strata of society at different places at different time has been expressed in art.

Art can be said to be a “result” of extensive culture of human emotions, sentiment and thought of an artist, supplemented with the artist’s skill. It is a product of an artist’s cultivation of different strata of society at various moments. Thus if one can culture on society at different situation, he can generate a good piece of art .So we may say that “art is a reflection of society” at different time.


Place of Art and Artists

There are different activities that take place here to encourage and find local artist to showcase their work and get some recognition. One of such thing is F.A.T village (Flagler Arts & Technology Village) art walk that is considered home of some of the region’s most talented artist. Basically it is a warehouse space which is been used for artists and performers. This art walk is hosted on last Saturday of every month.

There are many agencies that keep events for the Latin Music and Arts of the local area; they provide them with space and facilities to showcase their work and passion that can even give some monetary output. Some of these agencies are the part of the fat village art walk that is a good source of exposure for the artist. This way every talent can get an opportunity to unwind their hidden talent and enhance their art work.

Native Latin Art

In Native America, there was no word for ‘art’ prior to Europe’s colonisation. Items were created for functional means only, and those that were better skilled were considered experts, not artists. For example, function might represent a bowl used for cooking, or a garment decorated with eagle feathers so that its wearer could take on the spirit and foresight of an eagle.

Across the different cultures and regions, many had a deep connection to the spirit world and experienced dream or waking states. From the dream state, important and inspirational messages were communicated to the tribes, sometimes through visual means. These visualisations, similar to the Aboriginal dreamscapes of native Australians, formed the basis for Native American art. The carriers of the messages were tagged with wisdom and their purpose was linked to the collective survival of the tribe, and it can be said that art for Native American nations was more a collective rather than an individual means of expression.

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