Different Types of Music in Latin

What Is Latin Music?

maxresdefaultLatin music originated in the Caribbean back in the 18th century. African slaves coming to the Caribbean Islands brought along their instruments like congas, cowbells, djembe and timbales. Originally, they used these instruments as means of communication between different ethnic groups. Cuba became a hot-bed for various instruments. This collection of instruments later became the percussion section of Latin music. The most important thing to remember in Latin music is this: there was no drum set back in the day. With this in mind, contemporary drummers have to merge the style of a drum set with the exotic percussion instruments in the original Latin music instrumentation.

Drum Tips for Playing Latin Music

Playing drums in Latin music is useful because you learn completely different beats, melodies and patterns not found in contemporary music scene like rock and pop. At the side of these patterns are the 2-3 Rhumba Clave beat, the 3-2 rumba clave beat, the Son Clave beats, Bossa star beats and lots of additional. These beats and patterns also are found in several varieties of swings and jazz. However the distinction is that the percussion they use for creating these rhythms.

To get the simplest out of Latin music, you would like to learn authentic Afro-Cuban instruments. If you can, try your hands on congas, djembes, cowbells, bongos and timbales. Sometimes, a Latin song needs you to get-off your stool and into the percussion. A typical Latin percussion consists of congas, tambourines, cowbells and wood blocks. Welcome the challenge of enjoying these instruments as a result of the data you will gain is very valuable once you get back in your drum kit.

Different Types of Rap Beats

The beat sites conjointly provide latest updates on music and subscription to at least one of those sites can enable you to receive emails alerts moreover as free music through emails. This really is that the one stop destination for all music lovers. Another advantage of those sites is that you just can simply download the songs through your i-pods & record the vocals & create your own music. To use Afro-Cuban rhythms with jazz tunes you need to know a bit about the rhythmic pattern known as clave. In a salsa band, you will find each rhythm instrument like the piano, bass, timbales, congas, bongos and cowbells. It’s the rhythm that holds it all together. I love to feel the beat. I admit, the rhythm can be challenging.

Latin Music takes on an influence of both traditional Spanish and Native traditional. Many Latin entertainers who perform Latin Music sing in both Spanish and English. Their musical influence therefore spreads even more with a much larger global market covering much of the Spanish and English speaking world and beyond.

Not all Spanish music is a serenade with a Spanish guitar, which is very traditional. The majority of Latin Music is rapid beat incorporating the use of steel drums as well as electric instruments and traditional instruments to help achieve the maximum impact.

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