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Music is all around us. It is a mainstay of our society and is inherent in the souls of our beings. Music can be found in just about every environment around us: calming or happy music in restaurants, grocery stores, doctor/dentist offices, department stores, elevators, schools, or weddings; majestic music at firework displays or parades; or even serene music at a funeral. It can be heard on almost every television commercial and in the theme of every television show. Some people crave music like a drug and just cannot live without it playing in the car and even singing in the shower.

A Brief History of Music and Woodwind Instruments

Music also serves to be very therapeutic. From my own experience as an occupational therapist, music helps persons with a range of different disabilities to improve function whether it may be for communication or movement purposes. For example, in working with persons who have sustained a stroke and have expressive aphasia (able to understand language, but unable to formulate the words to verbally express it), singing allows them to say what they want since this involves a different part of the brain. In working with children with autism spectrum disorders, I have found Latin Music and Arts helps develop more coordinated movement and motor planning as it provides the timing and rhythm that these children are not able to access in their brain. Any music instrument can also be therapeutic, whether it is woodwind instruments, brass instruments, or string instruments, or even just dancing to music.


The Spreading Influence of Latin Music

Latin Music takes on an influence of both traditional Spanish and Native traditional. Many Latin entertainers who perform Latin Music sing in both Spanish and English. Their musical influence therefore spreads even more with a much larger global market covering much of the Spanish and English speaking world and beyond.

Not all Spanish music is a serenade with a Spanish guitar, which is very traditional. The majority of Latin Music is rapid beat incorporating the use of steel drums as well as electric instruments and traditional instruments to help achieve the maximum impact.

You can listen to Latin Music that is based upon more traditional music with the Spanish guitar or you can find more the modern Latin Musical influence that has been heavily influenced by American pop when you seek out Music from the Latin World Online.

This music has a passionate, fiery and ‘hot blooded’ emotional affect on people. Any music that has such an instant, profound emotional impact on people has to be highly regarded.

Latin Music Today and Its US Connections

Latin tunes continued to evolve and with the orchestras of the time came the big band era. With so many brass players and percussionists, it became much easier to add a bit of this flavor. This was a very popular practice and the youngsters of that time demanded more. Some of the more complex dances were simplified to make them more accessible to more audiences. One of the dance crazes of that time was conga. The gimmicky steps remain popular up to this day.

After a few decades, rock and roll dominated the radio waves, but it wasn’t the end of the Hispanic touch. Indeed, the Spanish tinge was still very much in style and it found its way into many popular rock songs.

Because of its ability to easily combine with many other genres, the fusion movement gained popularity. These tunes continued to evolve and are still the primary genre of many popular artists today.





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